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Urban Impact Assessment Workshop „New Skills Agenda for Europe“

The Urban Impact Assessment (UIA) aims at assessing the effects of new European policies on Urban regions in Europe. The conduction of the urban impact assessment was based on the ESPON TIA quick check approach. It provides an ex-ante assessment of the territorial effects of the “New Skills Agenda for Europe” in different thematic fields (economy, society, environment, governance).

Systemic picture of the Effects of the New Skills Agenda on the development of metropolitan regions, © ÖIR

In a workshop setting expert and stakeholder judgements about potential effects of this policy package were gathered and discussed. Combining the expert judgement with a set of indicators characterising the sensitivity of regions leads to maps showing the potential impact of the assessed EU policy on metropolitan areas. This allows to deducing further policy implications. ÖIR developed the workshop setting, moderated the workshop and developed a set of specific indicators.

Project team: Erich Dallhammer, Jiannis Kaucic, Bernd Schuh

Client: Committee of the Regions

Period of performance: 2016

Download: Project description