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Project results at the ESPON Open Seminar Gödöllo Hungary

OIR, in its capacity as lead partner of the ESPON ARTS project (Assessment of Regional and Territorial Sensitivity - project contacts: Erich Dallhammer, Bernd Schuh), participated in the ESPON open seminar and presented the final results of the project.

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The European Spatial Planning Observatory Network (ESPON) organizes seminars within each EU presidency in order to set up recommendations for the European Spatial Development plans. The Hungarian Presidency has chosen the theme "Evidence and Knowledge Needs for the Territorial Agenda 2020 and the EU Cohesion Policy" and more than 250 participants from 30 countries have participated (for more details visit www.espon.eu/). Bernd Schuh presented the Territorial Impact Assessment quick check tool developed within ARTS which triggered vivid interest. Therefore, the tool will be presented and tested in workshops of the EU Committee of Regions as well as in workshops at the conference "Understanding Territorial Impacts: the Member State policy-maker perspective" (organised by the Department for Communities and Local Government - London) in September 2011.