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OIR at the EU OPEN DAYS 2011

OIR has presented the results of the contract study Regional Challenges in the Perspective of 2020 at the 9th EU OPEN DAYS. The importance of the study has been emphasized by the fact that DG Regio (responsible officer W. Münch) has dedicated a whole session within the OPEN DAYS University to the topic of Regions 2020 and invited OIR to co-organise this session. The contributions of both, the member of the advisory board to Commissioner Hahn - Prof. P. McCann and the member of the advisory board to the Director - Prof. D. Sweet, added to the attractiveness of the session. OIR was represented by Bernd Schuh and Sebastian Beiglböck, who presented the results of the study and the regional effects of the current economic crisis on European regions. The session has been well received by the numerous participants from various European regions and institutions. The presentation slides are available for download on the OIR website.