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Crossborder basic conditions to evaluate wind energy plants between the communities Bruck/Leitha and Kittsee

The border region of the two provinces Burgenland and Lower Austria is characterized not only by an immense wind potential in continental terms, but also by a high density of existing wind parks in both provinces. Each province follows its own rules of evaluation according to federal laws. The objective of the survey was to investigate and illustrate the basic conditions for the evaluation of wind energy plants considering the criteria of spatial planning, ornithology and nature conservation in both provinces in order to foster better coordination across the provincial borders. Beyond that, criteria for inter-regional co-operation were defined.

© ÖIR GmbH / Map showing spatial planning situation

Project team: Gregori Stanzer, Raffael Koscher

Partner: BirdLife Österreich

Client: Planungsgemeinschaft Ost (PGO)

Period of performance: 2010-2011

Download: Project description

Link: www.pgo.wien.at/download/PGOWindparks_Ergebnisbericht.pdf