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The Austrian Institute for Regional Studies (ÖIR GmbH) is a nationally and internationally active public policy and spatial planning consultancy located in the centre of Vienna, capital of Austria. Our activities are focussed on the following four sectors:

Our team is composed of experts from different countries with diverse backgrounds ranging from spatial planning, geography, traffic planning, landscape planning, business and economics, statistics, geographical information science & systems, sustainable development, renewable energy, international development, public governance, to gender studies and political studies. This diversity of expertise allows us to customise the profile of our teams to the needs of our clients and the specificities of the individual project and task.

Our core business consists in collecting, processing and analysing data to inform decision-making and to formulate evidence-based recommendations for our clients. These encompass, among others, public institutions, public service providers, private companies, special interest groups and NGOs. Our objectivity, professionalism and multidisciplinary expertise drive our daily work.