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Events & conferences

Events & conferences

It is our mission to support the professional dialogue. The experts of OIR participate as speakers and panelists at conferences and workshops to publish their current research results. OIR regularly organizes conferences and workshops at home and abroad. We also support our clients in designing and organizing professional events and conferences.

Professional dialogue | 22.04.2010
OIR-Symposium: ‘Energy-boost for regions‘
In April 2010, the OIR symposium “Energy-boost for regions” took place. The general interest on this subject was impressing. More than 50 attendants collected information, asked...
Professional dialogue | 25.02.2010
Review ‘European Policy for the rural area‘
Regional development and the support of agriculture and the rural areas are in terms of budget the most important policies of the European Union. The OIR is engaged in several...
On November 26th 2010 event “Migration: Opportunity for cities and regions” took place in Vienna. The event was part of the series of professional events supported by the Federal...
Professional dialogue | 17.09.2009
OIR-Platform: ‘Think local, act local‘
On September 17th 2009 an OIR-Platform under the topic “Think local, act local” took place, addressing stakeholders from LEADER-working groups, regional managements or Agenda 21-...
Professional dialogue | 10.02.2009
OIR-Symposium: ‘Linz ’09 – Graz ’03‘
The event on 10th February 2009 in Linz opened the chance to explore how a specific event (European capital of culture) within cultural policy may be used to set long-term effects...
Professional dialogue | 17.09.2008
OIR-Symposium: ‘The rural area or rural development?‘
On Wednesday, 17th September 2008 the OIR organised in cooperation with the Federal Chancellery of Austria (department IV/4) a symposium under the slogan “Rural areas, male spaces...
Professional dialogue | 11.12.2007
Hochwasser in Österreich – 5 Jahre nach 2002 - en
OIR-Platform: ‘Floods in Austria – 5 years after 2002‘ Programme
On October 11th 2007 about 30 participants discussed the issue of ski regions and their challenges. Ulrike Pröbstl (BOKU Wien) presented the most important challenges of these...