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Capacity building and improving environment for municipal practice in land management and taxation

The NALAS Task force on Urban Planning organised the workshop “Capacity building and improving environment for municipal practice in land management and taxation” in Belgrade, 5th – 6th October 2015. It contributed to support municipal urban planning and land management focusing on the relation between land development and taxation of land and real estate.
The core hypothesis of the workshop was that taxation on land property can be used as a land management tool: Coordinating the taxation of land property with land management could contribute to develop the cities and regions more efficient and more sustainable. In the workshop the different forms of land taxation were discussed under the light of the different steps of urban development

The relation between the price of a plot of land and its development, © ÖIR

Tasks fulfilled by ÖIR

  • Conception of the workshop in close co-operation with NALAS: (The development of the agenda is one of the cornerstones of a successful meeting.)
  • Workshop input: Presentation of experiences from Austria and other EU countries (Input papers as PowerPoint presentations)
  • Moderation of the workshop and stimulating the discussions with guiding questions including the use of interactive moderation tools
  • Documentation of the workshop results (short report)

Project team: Erich Dallhammer

Client: Austrian Association of Cities and Towns on behalf of the Austrian Development Agency

Period of performance: 2015

Download: Project description