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Evaluation of the project “Municipal cooperations Southern and Central Burgenland”

The project “municipal networks in South and Middle‐Burgenland” initiated and supported pilot projects for municipal cooperation in different thematic fields. The aim was to use pilot projects to demonstrate to munipalities from Burgenland how they could deliver their core mission and ensure quality of life for their residents over the long term. The project area encompassed the four districts of South and Middle‐Burgenland – Oberpullendorf, Oberwart, Güssing und Jennersdorf – in which the following pilot projects were launched: Neighbourhood Assistance Plus, Networking of the municipal libraries in South Burgenland, Multipurpose Association of Middle Lafnitz, Energy‐efficient exploitation of tree and shrub cuttings for municipalities, Regional provision of biomass in Jennersdorf as well as Village‐Hotel Burgenland.

© RMB Burgenland

ÖIR carried out the external evaluation of the project. This evaluation investigated the extent to which municipal cooperation projects contributed to the completion
of municipal assignments as well as to the regional development of Burgenland. This work was
primarily based on the final reports of each single pilot project and interviews with the project managers.

This resulted in conclusions and recommendations for the further implementation of municipal networks in Burgenland, which should in turn support the execution of projects beyond the project phase.

Project team: Ursula Mollay

Client: Regionalmanagement Burgenland GmbH

www.gemeindenetzwerke.at (German, without evaluation results)

Duration: 2015

Download: Projektbeschreibung