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ESPON SUPER – Sustainable Urbanization & land-use Practices in European Regions

The ESPON SUPER team, under the leadership of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), develops recommendations and measures on how sustainable land use can be promoted and how land-take and urban sprawl can be avoided, reduced and compensated in Europe. In autumn 2019 OIR together with the project team discussed 225 different interventions and around 60 European Policies, which have an impact on land use in Europe. In addition, the project team analyses 10 European Case studies in detail and conducts interviews with different experts in order to gain insights into successful processes. OIR analyses in this context the “Vision Rheintal” from Vorarlberg (Austria).

Project meeting in Turin, September 2019, © PBL

As part of the interactive TIA workshop “The challenges of sustainable urbanization and land-take in Europe”, experts from all over Europe discussed in Brussels potential effects of a laissez-faire situation, where no additional constraints are set on urbanisation until the year 2050. The results of the workshop will be processed, especially for the development of recommendations to policymakers on sustainable land use and urbanisation interventions. More information about the project you can find at www.espon.eu/super.

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TIA workshop in Brussels, October 2019, © ÖIR GmbH