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The evaluation of the LEADER implementation in Lower Austria has been completed

The state of Lower Austria commissioned the OIR at the end of 2019 to evaluate the LEADER implementation in the current 2014-2020 programming period. The OIR – Bernd Schuh, Joanne Tordy and Ulrike Stroissnig – examined the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation and identified supporting and inhibiting factors.
Case studies in three of the 18 LEADER regions of Lower Austria formed the heart of the analysis. In addition, extensive data analysis of the project landscape and document analysis were carried out.
The results show the great importance of embedding LEADER in the actor landscape of regional development in Lower Austria, the territorial delimitation and the structures inherent in the LEADERs Local Action Groups. The conclusions are incorporated into the inputs of the state of Lower Austria at the federal level when programming the next LEADER period.

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