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New Swiss case study – As part of the ESPON SUPER Project

Within the ESPON SUPER project additional case studies will be conducted in order to increase ESPON´s evidence in policy processes and developments at different scales. OIR looks into the Swiss intervention of the renewed law on spatial planning (published in 2014).  The case studies in the SUPER project aim – at the one hand – to assess the impact of specific interventions in terms of temporal and thematic sustainability. On the other hand they aim to uncover the causal mechanisms of specific instruments, their positive and negative side effects, impact of other factors, etc. The case studies want to open decision-making ‘black boxes’ in practice and as such help to understand how land is converted in particular sites across Europe: What are the conditions under which the analysed intervention proved effective? At OIR, the Swiss case study will be conducted by Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen, Martyna Derszniak-Noirjean, Chien-Hui Hsiung and Erich Dallhammer.