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Masterplan for urban regeneration areas of Split in the City Council debate

On November 4th 2020, the City Council of Split, together with representatives from the Ministry of Transport, Croatian Roads, Croatian Railway and from the EBRD, discussed the Masterplan for the downtown urban regeneration. The development focus is on the site of the main train station at the port with approximately 40 ha and on a large urban quarter Kopilica with approx. 100 ha on the north bank of the Split peninsula.

James Mathews of iC consultants – lead partner and responsible for process control – and Christof Schremmer from ÖIR, who designed the urban development masterplan, presented the main features, including a comprehensive transport plan and urban development plans for the port area and the Kopilica district. Together, these areas will have a potential gross floor area of around 1.2 mio m2 for around 15,000 residents and 10-15,000 jobs. A new main station and road tunnel at the port, cultural, congress and hotel facilities can be realized and the expansion of the inner-city residential areas to the north is foreseen.

Victoria Sinchuk of EBRD, in her closing address, told the city councillors that with realizing this major project, Split could become the “New Barcelona” in the Mediterranean region. More information on this project in available at the EBRD-Website.