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ESPON 2020 Database Portal – Phase II

The aim of Phase II of the ESPON 2020 Database Portal is to further develop the existing database portal concerning its functionalities and content.

The ESPON 2020 Database Portal provides comprehensive datasets from ESPON research activities as well as basic indicators on territorial development.

Themes of the ESPON Database Portal, © ESPON

Led by the University of Geneva, technical improvements of the database model and system administration are developed. Further, latest data from ESPON projects as well as important baseline indicators are updated and incorporated to the ESPON 2020 database.

ÖIR is responsible for the testing the usability of the system together with relevant user groups as well as for updating and completing the time series data of the basic indicators available in the database. In the course of the project, we will organise a workshop for usability testing by the relevant target groups of the ESPON 2020 database. Further, automated algorithms using R will be applied for the data imputations necessary in order to fill data gaps and provide a complete set of regional long-term indicators on territorial development in Europe.

Period of performance: 2021-2022

Project team: Stephanie Kirchmayr-Novak; Roland Gaugitsch, Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen

Partner: University of Geneva, Spatial Foresight

Client: : ESPON EGTC (via University of Geneva)

Download: Project description, ESPON database