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Observation – Investigation – Reaction: OIR – Online dialogue

The future of rural Europe – territorial evidence or useless debate?

During this online dialogue, three projects addressing various facets of rural development will be presented. We will provide you with an overview of the issues faced by European rural areas, the strategies and approaches set up to address these challenges as well as the methods developed in order to best anticipate the future of these territories. We will ponder whether rural areas, their challenges, are addressed in the right way by policies. How can territorial evidence better support the targeting of policies? Is the strictness of the typology used (urban vs. rural) helping the case?

  • The main findings of the study evaluating the Common Agricultural Policy’s impact on the balanced territorial development of rural areas will set the basis for the discussions. The socio-economic challenges identified throughout EU rural areas will be presented as well as the policy mix in place. With this intervention, we are opening the discussion about what is rural? How does a sectoral policy (i.e. the CAP) address territories and the needs of people therein?
  • The purpose of the study for the European Parliament was to investigate the projections of land abandonment after 2020 in the EU, its drivers and mitigation measures. Based on external factors (climate change, globalisation of markets, major health crisis) additional land abandonment scenarios were developed. We will be continuing the discussion on how land is used in the EU? Whether land use changes are really best addressed through the existing EU policies (land use pressures vs. depopulation – urban-rural divide).
  • The last sliver of evidence is provided by a methodology developed by OIR (together with MODUL University and the University of Ljubljana) supporting tourist destinations to steer towards sustainable tourism (or to avoid over-tourism). This is achieved through a process-oriented tool, which captures the carrying capacity of destinations and helps them to an integrated regional development. With this last method, we will show how important integrated and process-oriented regional (including rural) development is in the light of the Covid aftermath and the need of territories to re-orient themselves regardless of their classification as rural or urban.

Moderator: Erich Dallhammer
Presenters: Helene Gorny, Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen, Bernd Schuh

Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 4 pm to 6 pm (CET) | Online

Registration per email at oir [at] oir [dot] at until 23.6.2021.
The link will be sent to you via email prior to the meeting.

Download: Invitation