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Observation – Investigation – Reaction: OIR - Online dialogue

On June 29, 2021, experts from all over Europe discussed online the future of European rural areas. Three ÖIR projects served as impulses for the discussions:

  • Helene Gorny presented the „Evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy’s impact on the balanced territorial development of rural areas.” Different definitions of rural areas were presented and the consequences of different spatial delineations were discussed with the experts.
  • Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen presented the main results of the study „The challenge of land abandonment after 2020 and options for mitigation measures.” Besides causes and mitigation measures, different scenarios until 2030 were presented and discussed.
  • Bernd Schuh presented the ESPON study „Carrying capacity methodology for tourism.” This study is based on a 5-step model to measure the carrying capacity of different tourism destinations. It offers an excellent way how to deal with the challenging situation of tourism to cope with Covid-19 and explore sustainable ways into the future.

We thank the participants for their interest and constructive contributions to the debates!

Download: Presentation

Land abandonment scenario – Climate Change