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Completion of the Interreg Mediterranean Programme Impact Evaluation (2014-2020)

The ÖIR team, composed of Helene Gorny, Roland Gaugitsch, Manon Badouix and Bernd Schuh, is pleased to announced the completion of the impact evaluation of the Interreg MED Programme. The project was carried out between February 2020 and April 2021. The evaluation notably focussed on the role of the new Programme architecture as well as on the effects of the Programme’s results have made and their contribution to the public policies in the Mediterranean area.

The project team carried out, inter alia, two surveys, interviews, data analyses, a social network analysis and a policy mapping. The findings have shown that the thematic community-based approach of the Interreg MED Programme has been well accepted and generally understood by project holders, in particular the various types of modular projects. Moreover, the analysis of the policy impact showed that the Interreg MED project partners have succeeded in activating, engaging with, and involving public authorities, principally at local and regional levels. The Interreg MED projects provided useful, concrete, user-friendly and tailored information, solutions, often tested and validated by pilot activities to public authorities which may not have had the capacity to undertake such projects.

Number of beneficiaries and number of partnerships per NUTS 2 regions in SO 1.1

The final report will soon be available on the Interreg MED Programme’s website, both in English and French: https://interreg-med.eu/