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ÖIR develops projects on the impact of the decarbonisation of the economy on the labour market in Lower Austria

The European Green Deal and the resulting decarbonisation of the economy bring new opportunities but also substantial challenges for the labour market. In order to make the just transition to a climate-neutral economy happen, concepts and activities are being developed to prepare employees and job seekers to cope with the new situation in the best possible way and to accompany them on their way to new career perspectives.

As contribution to the realisation of the objectives of just transition Kinga Hat, Isabella Messinger, Ulrike Stroissnig and Bernd Schuh together with „L&R Social Research“ are elaborating practical approaches and actions within the project. For this purpose, the expected challenges for the employees are being examined more closely in the context of Lower Austria. The outcomes of the project focus on feasible project drafts for provision and enhancement of qualifications of current and future employees according to the demands of the changing labour market. The project runs until spring 2022.