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EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer 2021 – The state of the regions, cities and villages in the areas of socio-economic policies

The Committee of the Regions tasked ÖIR, Spatial Foresight and t33 with a report on the regional impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting challenges and regional resilience and readiness in light of potential future shocks, such as pandemics. This analysis provides inputs to the publication “2021 EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer”. The analysis highlights potential short-term and medium-term impacts of the pandemic at regional level, based on a territorial sensitivity analysis.

Medium-term negative sensitivities to COVID-19 restrictions, © Spatial Foresight, 2021

In addition, ÖIR led a comprehensive case study analysis approach, investigating COVID-19 impacts and policy responses, as well as future resilience, in nine regions and cities across EU-27. Key sources of evidence in this case study analysis were expert interviews with regional representatives, policy documents, and regional indicators.

Period of performance: 2020-2021

Project team: Bernd Schuh; Cristian Andronic, Manon Badouix, Helene Gorny, Clemens Meier, Isabella Messinger, Arndt Münch

Partners: Spatial Foresight, t33

Client: European Union, Committee of the Regions (via t33)

Download: Project description