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Study on mapping the deployment of regional bioeconomies in Europe

ÖIR and Spatial Foresight were tasked by the Joint Research Centre to analyse the latest status of regional bioeconomy strategies across Europe. The general objectives of the study are to map regulatory frameworks with a focus on regional bioeconomy strategies (at NUTS1 or NUTS2 scale) and to analyse commonalities and divergences among regional strategies across the EU.

© Spatial Foresight, 2021

ÖIR and Spatial Foresight collected information on the scope and content of relevant strategies using desk research of identified strategies, followed by expert and public authority surveys, and targeted interviews. The collected information was subsequently analysed in terms of strategic orientation, types of instruments and measures, as well as of the applied types of biomass resources. Regions were also clustered along their type of strategy, revealing insights into commonalities and differences.

Period of performance: 2021-2022

Project team: Stephanie Kirchmayr-Novak; Cristian Andronic, Manon Badouix, Roland Gaugitsch, Helene Gorny, Kinga Hat, Isabella Messinger, Arndt Münch, Ulrike Stroissnig

Partner: Spatial Foresight

Client: Europäische Kommission, GD Gemeinsame Forschungsstelle (via Spatial Foresight)

Download: Project description