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Instruments for mobilising real estate

The population forecasts indicate a very dynamic population growth for Vienna. At the same time a trend of increasing price levels on the land market can be noticed. Subsequently the Vienna Housing Policy faces the challenge to secure a sufficient construction rate, the affordability of housing and a social and functional mix. Against this background, the question of innovative measures for mobilizing soil is posed.

The municipality of Vienna awarded ÖIR to study the possibilities to mobilise affordable real estate for social housing. The assessment of existing instruments as well as the analysis of a sample of best practice examples from other regions, formed the basis for the elaboration of recommendations: These were discussed in an expert workshop with the city councillor for housing and summarized in a policy paper.

Project team: Christof Schremmer, Barbara Saringer-Bory

Partners: Adolf Andel, Cornelia Krajasits (ÖIR-Projekthaus GmbH), Arthur Kanonier (Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure & Environmental Planning, Law Center of the Vienna University of Technology)

Client: City of Vienna, Municial Dept. 50

Period of performance: 2008

Download: Project description