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OIR-Platform: ‘Wide streets and empty buildings – demographic change in the countryside and in the suburbia‘

Over more than ten years, the OIR is holding professional events to current, space-related issues to promote professional exchange of ideas. This series of professional events is supported by the Federal Chancellery of Austria. On 18th October 2011 the OIR-platform under the title “Wide streets and empty buildings – demographic change in the countryside and in the suburbia” took place, which was part of this series of events.

The main question of the event was: What opportunities and challenges arise from the demographic change and which opportunities for action are available for involved stakeholders to create new spaces, which are conform to today’s needs?

In the first part of the event, general challenges due to demographic change were depicted. Tatjana Fischer gave an overview of the changes in rural areas, due to demographic change. Afterwards Michael Pisecky illustrated expected changes due to the demographic change within the property sector.

Then examples of opportunities of actions were presented. Heidrun Wankiewicz and Gerhard Ainz illustrated possibilities of actions for urban and regional planning, resulting from the project “Demochange”. Karl Langer presented – based on a reconstruction programme – architectural possibilities for reframing post-war houses and Mayor Leonard Madreiter illustrated reframing of communes by means of different projects in the community of Fusch (Salzburg).

Finally the auditorium prepared questions to the different fields of actions in team-work; afterwards these questions were discussed with the experts on stage.

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Überblick über die Veränderung der demographischen Strukturen im ländlichen Raum
Tatjana Fischer | Universität für Bodenkultur Wien

Die Situation des Immobilienmarktes
Michael Pisecky | Geschäftsführer s REAL Immobilienvermittlung GmbH

Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten der Raumplanung
Heidrun Wankiewicz | planwind / Gerhard Ainz | ÖIR

Sanierung von Nachkriegshäusern - Architektonische Möglichkeiten
Karl Langer | Langer Architekten

Demographischer Wandel – Möglichkeiten der Gemeinden
Leonhard Madreiter | Bürgermeister der Gemeinde Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße (Salzburg)