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OIR-Symposium: ‘Smart Cities – review’

About 70 professional experts from all over Austria were attending the event on smart cities on March 15th 2012 in the Media Tower in Vienna. In the morning session Austrian examples of different regional scales and approaches were presented. The event started with a thematic introduction into the issue of smart cities from Barbara Saringer-Bory, afterwards Thomas Madreiter presented the overall strategic approach followed by the City of Vienna. Ursula Schneider illustrated in a vivid way successful examples in the fields of local planning, buildings, mobility and open spaces of the current planning process/progress of the group JAspern.

With the introduction of the master plan for the inner city area around the heating plant in Klagenfurt, Robert Piechl showed how innovative urban development may happen at the level of a capital city. The lecture of Robert Tichler outlined the finalisation of the informative as well as diversified morning session. He presented the project Sternmühle and pointed out the possibilities of an integrated concept of living, working, mobility and sustainable energy supply, developed within a small-town area under conservation and reuse of an old building stock.

The afternoon started with a comprehensive exposition of the IBA Hamburg. Simona Weisleder presented an amount of impressive individual projects, taking part in a holistic and sustainable concept of urban development. Dominique Sandten introduced finally the location of Berlin Adlershof, a former airport that transformed into a high-tech location bearing relation to the issues of energy efficiency and climate protection. Of particular interest for both of the German examples were their variety and the combination of different measures to achieve more energy efficient urban areas, taking a look at the used organisational structures and funding instruments, which had been mentioned by Stefan Gara in his summarising résumé.

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Barbara Saringer-BoryEinführung - Was ist smart?,
Zwischenbericht SmartCitiesNet
Barbara Saringer-Bory,
Österreichisches Institut für Raumplanung


Thomas MadreiterSmart City Wien - Bündelung aller Kräfte in der Stadt
Thomas Madreiter,
Leiter der Stadtplanung Wien


Ursula SchneiderWien – Innovativer Städtebau, Baugruppe JAspern
Ursula Schneider,
Pos Architekten


Robert PiechlSmart City Klagenfurt – städtebauliche Masterpläne zur Aktivierung urbaner Potenziale
Robert Piechl,
Leiter der Stadtplanung Klagenfurt


Robert TichlerMarchtrenk – Revitalisierung der Sternmühle zum „smart building“
Robert Tichler,
Energieinstitut der JKU Linz GmbH


Simona WeislederIBA Hamburg – Energiewende und Raum
Simona Weisleder,
Projektkoordinatorin Internationale Bauausstellung IBA Hamburg GmbH


Dominique SandtenBerlin – Adlershof: Stadt für Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Medien,
Energiekonzept Adlershof
Dominique Sandten,
Projektmanagerin Adlershof Projekt GmbH


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Stefan Gara Christof Schremmer