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Review: ‘EU regional policy in Berlin & future challenges for European regions‘

As part of the OIR-workshop discussion, the current status of the mid-term review of the “Operation Programme for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in Berlin” was presented on December 12th 2011. Implementation results and achievements of the actions and measures of the Operational Programme were presented and discussed concerning future strategic adaptation possibilities.

Additionally, the study “Regional Challenges in the Perspective of 2020 – Phase 2” (commissioned study for the DG REGIO) was presented. The so-called vulnerability of regions was discussed, which defines regions’ ability of coping with megatrends such as globalisation, climate change, social polarisation, developments in the labour market, demographic change, sustainable energy supply and their interactions.

An interactive mapping-tool for the project as well as the final report and additional information can be found on the project website.

Download: Programme  | Presentations: Halbzeitbewertung OP EFRE Berlin, Herausforderungen für Europa 2020