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Infrastructure for renewable energies

According to the “European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth 2020” renewable energy activities have a large potential to contribute to economic development in European regions, creating new jobs and generating new social impetus.

The aim of the study was on the one hand to assess the role of the European regional funding for the development of renewable energy sources and related infrastructure (networks). The other objective was to identify its potential for endogenous regional development. For this purpose, the project team conducted a number of European case studies and analysed the European energy markets.

Project team: Bernd Schuh, Erich Dallhammer, Joanne Tordy

Partners: Jane Desbarats, Bettina Kretschmer (IEEP), Niclas Damsgaard, Helena Lund (SWECO), Lorcan Lyons (BIOSIS)

Client: Europäisches Parlament, Ausschuss für regionale Entwicklung

Period of performance: 2011

Online: Projekct link at www.europarl.europa.eu

Download: Project description

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