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Integrative regional development Suhareka, Kosovo

Result of this project was a preparatory study for the development of an integrative regional development plan for the municipality Suharekë/Suva Reka in Kosovo. This region of Kosovo was seriously affected during the war and had to concentrate mainly on disaster management after 1999. Particular attention in the project was paid on the complex political situation. In this regard, the aim was to establish a bottomup process, which is oriented to the approach of the European rural development “LEADER” concept in order to activate as many stakeholders as possible.

Accompanying this, the Vienna University of Technology, together with the City of Suhareka designed a Municipal Development Plan and an Urban Development Plan. The task of OIR was to support the ADA experts during the project development.

Project team: Bernd Schuh, Erich Dallhammer, Sebastian Beiglböck, Antonia Cornaro

Client: Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Period of performance: 2006-2007

Download: Project description