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OIR presents the ESPON ARTS tool

At the initiative of the ESPON Coordination Unit the ESPON Workshop "Territorial Impact Assessment" took place in Brussels in June 2012. The OIR was invited by the Directorate General for Regional Policy to present the "Territorial Impact Assessment Quick Check".

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This excel tool was developed by the OIR in cooperation with the project partners BEST-Politecnico di Milano, OTB Research Institute (TU Delft) and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in the framework of the project ESPON ARTS (Assessment of Regional and Territorial Sensitivity). It enables a quick pre-assessment of the impact of various legislative measures (e.g. EU directives), in particular to identify territorial unintended and unexpected effects. For better illustration the pre-assessments have been displayed on charts. The ESPON ARTS tool was presented by the OIR (Erich Dallhammer, Bernd Schuh, Tobias Panwinkler, Joanne Tordy) and tested by the workshop participants exemplary on a selected directive.