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Workshop ‘Potentials and challenges of Malta in the European context’

As one of six regional laboratories in the context of the project ESPON DeTeC, a stakeholder workshop on the subject of ‘Potentials and Challenges of Malta in the European context’ was conducted on November 18th 2013 at Grand Hotel Excelsior in Valletta, Malta. Stephanie Essig, Jiannis Kaucic and Bernd Schuh presented maps on the territorial dimension of the Europe-2020-strategy, examples of methods and tools of ESPON-projects as well as the draft of a handbook. Overall 11 representatives coming from the Maltese planning authority and the University of Malta discussed the applicability of ESPON results and methods in the context of the Strategic Plan for Environment and Development which is currently being prepared. The knowledge gained in the discussions will contribute to the development of the handbook, which will be finished in March 2014.

Download: Malta-Europe2020, Approaches_Methods ESPON_Detec_Examples