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A regional concept for wind farms in Burgenland - an updating

In 2006 the Province of Burgenland decided to cover 100% of the electricity demand of the whole province from renewable resources by the year 2013. In order to achieve this objective, the existing zoning of exclusion and suitability for wind farms was methodically and geographically updated and extended. Based on the findings of previous studies done in the region, ÖIR assessed the impact of wind power plants regarding spatial planning, landscape, world heritage and tourism and defined zones of suitability and exclusion as well as zones for further detailed assessment.

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Based on this strategic development plan, the Province of Burgenland was able to meet their objectives of covering 100% of its electricity demand from renewable energy produced in the region.     

Project team: Gregori Stanzer, Tobias Panwinkler, Ulrike Fasching

Partner: BirdLife Österreich

Client: Office of the Government of Burgenland, Austria

Period of performance: 2009-2010

Download: Project description | ÖREK 2011 - Good Practice