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Preparation of the Smart-Cities-Initiative scientific evaluation

The Austrian Climate and Energy Fund (KLIEN) intends to implement a scientific program evaluation of his Smart-Cities-Initiative. The scientific evaluation should provide instruments and methods to support the “Smart City Demo” project implementation, exploit knowledge gained from the projects, and facilitate a cross-cutting evaluation of implementation measures.

ÖIR elaborated an organisational model for the Smart-Cities-Initiative scientific evaluation. The organisational model was set up in an iterative and collaborative way and was guided by the appraisal of successful international examples, state of the art scientific models, methods and instruments. In discussions with the client and a workshop the organisational design was adapted to specific local circumstances and the tendering procedure was drafted.

Organisational model for the Smart-Cities-Initiative scientific evaluation (© ÖIR GmbH)

The figure shows the elaborated organisational model including the work focus for the first three years of the scientific evaluation of the Smart-Cities-Initiative.

Project team: Barbara Saringer-Bory, Erich Dallhammer, Max Kintisch

Financed by: Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian Federal Government

Link: www.smartcities.at/activities

Period of performance: 2014

Download: Project description