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Urban and regional planning

Spatial planning, regional and urban development are our traditional areas of expertise. We develop tailor-made solutions for our clients by working in cooperation with local and regional actors. In addition, our approach builds on cross-sectoral thinking and takes into account the diversity of factors impacting on urban and rural development: settlement development and green belts, labour market and other economic drivers, housing and quality of life as well as transport and environmental issues.

Spatial planning | 14.04.2009
Population Development Preview Carinthia 2030
In recent years, two major trends characterised the population development in Carinthia: In the peripheral areas as well as in those communities that have recently lost important...
Spatial planning | 03.12.2008
Instruments for mobilising real estate
The population forecasts indicate a very dynamic population growth for Vienna. At the same time a trend of increasing price levels on the land market can be noticed. Subsequently...
Spatial planning | 04.06.2008
Integrative regional development Suhareka, Kosovo
Result of this project was a preparatory study for the development of an integrative regional development plan for the municipality Suharekë/Suva Reka in Kosovo. This region of...