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Mobility and transport

We design transport-oriented organisational measures and work on infrastructure planning. Our team has developed dynamic and integrated traffic management models to analyse current stocks and flows of both passenger and freight transportation and to forecast future development trends. Our know-how covers different modes of transportation: rail and road, waterway as well as active mobility (walking and cycling).

Transport planning | 09.03.2012
Combined liner service from Ennshafen to Galati
Whereas traffic growth in the Danube Corridor has been extensive in the past and growth continues in the aftermath of the 2009 economic crisis, the role of River Danube...
Transport planning | 15.01.2008
Analysis of the Vienna public transport network
Key issues and questions for the future public transport network are transport- and costeffectiveness of public transport measures. How is it possible to convince future...
Due to deficiencies in rail connections and with regard to a sustainable transport policy, it’s an important aim of the Styrian transport policy – especially the Styrian capital...